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Welcome to the STATA assignment help. This guide provides users with an introduction and resources to become familiar with STATA.

What is Stata?

Stata is a powerful statistical software that enables users to analyse, manage, and produce graphical visualizations of data. Researchers use stata predominately in the fields of economics, biomedicine, and political science to examine data patterns. It has both a command line and graphical user interface making the use of the software more intuitive.Stata has always emphasized a command-line interface, which facilitates replicable analyses. To view and edit the dataset, the spreadsheet format is used. From version 11 onwards any other commands can be executed while the data browser or editor is opened. The stata assignment help provides a deep knowledge of the stata application and helps the students understand it in a better way.

Learn Stata

• STATA Data Analysis and Statistical Software
This link will take you to the Stata homepage. There is a list of tutorials that have been updated to the latest version Stata 14 it they still work for Version 12.
• Facts and Questions
Here you can search through frequently asked questions.
• Princeton Stata Tutorial
A tutorial provided by Princeton that introduces beginners to basic commands, data management, graphs, and advanced techniques.
• UCLA Tutorial
Covers a range of topics from basic to advanced data management and analytic techniques.
• Stata Training

Training Courses Offered by Stata Corp

There are four major builds of each version of Stata
• Stata/MPgoes for multiprocessor computers consisting of dual-core and multicore processors.
• Stata/SE for large databases.
• Stata/IC, which is the standard version.
• All of the data sizes listed above are supported by numeric in stata in an embedded environment.

Data Structure and Storage

Stata is mitigated to some extent by efficient internal storage which is the default for floating-point numbersas there are integer storage types which occupy only one or two bytes instead of four, and isolated precision or 4 bytes rather than double-precision or 8 bytes.The format of the data set is always rectangular, that is, all variables hold the same number of observations, or in other terms one can say that all vectors have the identical length, although some entries may be misplaced values. Only a single data set can be opened at any one time in stata. After dealing with basic information of STATA, the STATA assignment help also makes the student familiar with the boon and bane of the stata application.

Advantages of STATA

• Very good for standard and advanced, although not cutting-edge micro econometrics, especially when it comes to panel data models.
• Very comprehensive language, it’s easy to get a first look at the data to get a feeling for the data you’re dealing with.

Disadvantages of STATA

• In Stata you often have to code your way out.
• If you ever have to deal with big data with the use of Stata you are screwed.
So the STATA assignment help gives you an easy and systemized manner of studying and using the STATA application without any trouble and with full reliability.
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