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What is Statistics?


Deriving a report from a large number of given data may be defined as statistics. From a given information we get a part of it. Statistics used for analyzing the data and take out some meaning from it. Statistics enables the analysis, collection, presentation and understanding of data. Statistics helps in the study of many different and other fields such as economics, medicine, marketing and psychology. The people who work in statistics is known as statistician. The statistician helps the concern people with the given data, generally they analyze the data and apply there set of formula to achieve their goal.

Types of Statistics


• Descriptive Statistics.

There are four main type of descriptive statistics:-
* Measure of central tendency: – median, mean and mode.
* Measure of frequency: – percent, count, frequency.
* Measures of position: – quartile and percentile rank.
* Measures of variation or dispersion: – variance, range, standard deviation.
• Estimators.
Approximation of a given quantity of an analyze data which is being calculated by a defined rule. So the interest, rule & result all are different. There are two estimator i.e. Point estimator & Interval estimator. Point estimator derived result based on single value, whereas the interval estimator is the opposite of point estimator. The theory of estimation is basically looking after estimators properties. The given properties can be used to calculate the best rules which can be used under the given scenario.

• Test Statistics,
For testing of null hypothesis the test statistics is being used. For calculating this type of test figure and fact are well known and after that they test to check whether the given figure is correct or not. Some of the test statistics are chi-square and t score. With the help of test statistics we come to point where we are almost sure about the given data.

What is Statistics Online Quiz Help?


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Advantages of Statistics Online Quiz Help


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