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The study of concepts in surface chemistry is comparatively easier partly because the phenomena and processes in surface chemistry are fairly easy to understand. To make the study simpler, surface chemistry assignment help provides students with ample of literature with practical and easy to understand examples. Surface chemistry is basically the study of chemical reactions taking place on the surface of solids. This field has wide applications because it can be applied to every surface present around us.

About Surface Chemistry


Surface chemistry is defined as the study of chemical reactions which occur at the interface of two media. The possible interactions can occur at solid-liquid, solid-gas, solid-vacuum and liquid-gas interfaces. Surface engineering is another term which can be called as the sub-discipline of surface chemistry. It is defined as the application of surface chemistry and its concepts to study the chemical reactions at interfaces and engineer the interface media such that the desired outcomes can be obtained. For example, using surface engineering, a particular functional group can be added on the surface of an organic compound such that the absorption of a particular target element or molecule on its surface is increased. Surface chemistry assignment help provides the detailed concepts within the topic for better understanding.



It is the most basic phenomena studied under surface chemistry. The concepts studied here are extensively applied in further studies of the subject. It basically means the retention of liquid or gas molecules onto the surface of solids. Generally, the weak Van der waals forces are responsible for this phenomena. Adsorption depends on the nature of the surface, nature of the media present above surface, surface area, temperature and pressure of the system. It is of two types based on the strength of the bond formed between the adsorbent and the adsorbate. Surface chemistry assignment help deals with all these terminologies in easy to understand language.

Applications of Surface Chemistry


It is applied in the following fields

Catalysis: is the process of altering the rate of reaction without any chemical consumption of the catalyst. This can be easily explained using surface chemistry. The reactants in any reaction are adsorbed on the surface of catalyst thereby increasing its concentration locally and speeding up the reaction.

Electrochemistry: In an electrolytic cell, electricity flows due to the flow of ions through the electrolyte to the electrodes and the electrical system. Thus, at the interface of the electrode and the electrolyte, the adsorption of ions and its study play an important role in improving the effectiveness of the cell and minimizing the loss in possible output.

Geochemistry: the study of contamination of soil due to minerals can be done using surface chemistry since the minerals and other contaminants adsorb on the soil particles and are transported or go into the ground water. This could also provide possible prevention measures.

Surface chemistry assignment help explains all these and other fields where this science can be applied.

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